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I’m more than a Certified Psychosomatic Teacher, business strategist—yogi & health nerd! I help individuals transform their life so they can touch the lives of others. My proven approach provides a Mind-Body Method to heal. Learn intuitive methods to understand yourself & grow emotional connections in your life & in the lives of others. Build your own practice as a therapy or use it in combination with a path you're already on. I'll show you how to do it using the Mind - Body Method that I used to bring me into alignment with my Mind Body connection and that I still use today. 

Your search for what fulfills you has lead you here... The answers you seek might be right in front of you.  

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Mind Body Connection 
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March 21 - April 4 2019 
 Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate Retreat
Costa Rica
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Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate Course 

Your life purpose is revealed when our mind & body understand the messages your soul is wanting you to receive. When you understand those messages you see the truth for yourself and no longer need to ask outside.Learn to read the language of your soul. 

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The Psychosomatic Business Method 

Mentorship that incorporates the psychosomatic process and your vision to create a lifestyle business doing what you love. A program customized to your specific talents and requirements that set you up for living your life the way you dreamed it could be! 

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Retreats for Mind Body & Soul or... Spiritual Adventure

It doesn't matter where you are in your business I will walk along side you as you learn how social media & automation make your dream a reality. Details Here 

Immerse yourself in a supportive healing environment that will replenish you...from anywhere you have internet Details Here

Sacred Sound Practitioner

Energy & Sound Healing. How to use it for balancing your body & life has been one of my passions. I have created a gift for you Find out More here 

Create a Lifestyle Business

Are you a practitioner, therapist ,yogi teacher or Holistic professional wanting to take your part time passion to fulltime lifestyle doing wht you love. Design a program specifically for you. Details Here 

On - Going Support

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for just about everyone from busy moms to business execs who just need more hours in the day. Details Here 

Healthy Mind & Body

"Healthy body, healthy mind". Discovering your mind body connection is a pathway to a new experience in discovering improved health & quality of life on many levels. Details Here 

What past students say


Psychosomatic Therapist former student & Private Client  


Master Psychosomatic Therapist former Student 


First, I listen.

 When you schedule your Discovery Call we'll have a chat about where you're at. and where you wish to go. You get me directly, no assistants. If you like what you hear, only then will we continue . I want to hear what your dream life looks like!  

Then, you move forward

Together, we’ll talk about your what your biggest obstacles are. I'll share how the Psychosomatic Method or one of my customized programs can clear your path. What's preventing you from living a life by your own choosing?  

Lastly, we implement

Whether you're in one of my online courses or Live in a program, I care about you. I work with you side by side to get you to your goal. 


I’m a Business Coach, Body Language Comunication expert, Certified Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy & a passionate Yogi. I'm a total nerd when it comes to nutrition, food and mind body connection methods. My obsession is helping others find their passion and their followers, so they can make a living doing what they love.

I've been Internationaly Certifified as a Psychosomatic Teacher since 2012. I specialize in connecting therapists & healers with their followers to build a lifestyle bussiness doing what they love. …… you are absolutely in the right place if you are an out of the box thinker and love all things that are spiritual, food & health related! I am Mind- Body based in all the projects I do and how I live my life. I teach only what I know and what I have experience in. How did I become an expert in my field? I was really uncomfortable living a fake life. I didn't know it was fake at the time. Funny how life is. I can laugh now bu then it was actually painful. Can you relae?

Let's talk about what's next!

I've turned what I love, into what I do for a living. I call it a "Lifestyle of choice". Is that what you've been searching for? We better talk!