How would playing the Crystal Singing bowls set you apart in your practice? 

Sacred Sound Practitioner Certificate Training 

Sacred Sound Practitioner Training

The foundation of this training is based in psychosomatic therapy. This is more than learning about how to work with the crystal bowls. It brings together your Mind,Body & Soul into alignmnt so you can be the healer of your own life.  

Whether you plan to use the bowls for professional or personal use, this training is more than a therapy for others, it shows you how to be the healer of your own life first. This is what practitioners or therapists of any modality strive for when working with others.

Step into the Light and next level of your Self Mastery. Transformation through vibrational therapy. Quickly emerging in the Healing arts world, train as a practitioner in Sound Therapy.  

Become known as an expert in your field. Use your unique gifts and passion as a practitioner. Being a Sacred Sound Practitioner is a rewarding profession and puts you on the forefront as a leader in the Healing Arts. Owning a bowl is not required for the training. Improve your intuitive powers as you learn

  • you'll discover interesting not well known abilities the bowls have
  • build a larger clientelle in your existing business
  • learn different ways to detect energy
  • learn how to do customized treatments in a clinic or spa environment
  • be part of a growing community of spiritually inspired Practitioners financially supported by their Passion

Discover a Deeper connection to Yourself  

 Working with the crystal singing bowls is a really diverse experience for a practitioner. You could study them for years and still not know all there is to know about them and what they are capable of. You can use them for private or public services. You might be familiar with "Sound Baths". They serve a greater purpose than many realize. A sound bath can balance the chakras, your body's energy centers and take you deep into a meditative state. The most profound meditations I've experienced were with crystal bowls.  

The frequencies emitted from the bowls align your emotional and etheric body creating a calming effect on the mind and the body making them a perfect companion to reiki, massage or other energy modalities. There are many ways to work with the "application" of the bowls in the treatment room or Spa. While in the training, you learn how to perform treatments and if you already have another modality, you will learn how to incorporate the bowls and the services to create a unique offering that will set you apart in your specific field.  


As a practiitioner, the benefits of the healing vibrations are for you as well. You will experience centering & awareness on a deeper level. Many have attended the training just to have their own personal experience to learn about the bowls and to spend time in the uplifting frequencies. One of the greatest benefitsof the bowls is that when you use the bowls in service to others, you receive the benefits as a treatment on yourself.  

Among the many benefits of attending the Sacred Sound Practitioner course are:

  • You receive the benefits of the therapy while giving a treatment
  • learn how to use the bowls to detects blockages in any space
  • use the bowls to clear spaces
  • How to balance chakras & align the flow of energy
  • Understand Yin & Yang energy & how to create balance in your practice, your business, your relationships
  • work with your voice & languaging 
  • How to use Mantra to activate energy

Sacred Sound Practitioner Training is for: 

...Yoga Teachers, Practitioners, Therapists, RMT's,Meditation Teachers 

 The Sacred Sound Practitioner training is more than just a course. It has been designed as a special "experience" for the practitioner. What ever level of experience or education you already have, or don't have, in a modality or with the bowls, you will learn new tools that you will be able to use with clients or for your own personal benefit. The training and working with the bowls is diverse. It teaches you how to be more visual and intuitive in your observations and as a practitioner, it gives you a unique and deeper connection with your client and yourself.  

 A really important part of your own spiritual growth is to be able to share it. Your family, friends and pets will appreciate the treatments you give them. 

Frequencey - Sound - Vibration

Become a Master of the Healing Arts 

The training will cover all the below listed areas and more. There will be some book study and most of the course will be hands on learning. Level 1& 2 trainings with certificates 

  • Principles of Healing work
  • Become a channel for healing energy
  • Activate & balance your Chakras
  • Learn how to develope unique treatments
  • Color Energy Theory
  • How to use a Pendulum 
  • Mind - Body Therapy 
  • Entrepreneur Mentorship
  • Become a member of a growing community


Is Sacred Sound Practitioner Training for you? 

 Truth is anyone can benefit from the uplifting frequencies of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Add it to your existing modality or as an add on service. Providing the crystal bowls as a modality will set you apart and showcase you as visionary in Energy Healing.

 You can specialize in the treatments that you offer with the bowls, the training will set you up for success. The training is interesting and fun. The whole experience is about you as a practitioner and being in a place of centeredness and awareness. Facilitated by a Nationally accredited teacher.  

Lorrel Elian 

Creator of Sacred Sound Practitioner 


"I used the bowl the first week and didn't give it much thought other than the beautiful sound. Well things changed alright! After a couple of weeks, things began to happen. Amazing people and opportunities randomly started showing up. Caring people with the help and knowledge I deeply needed to become unstuck. the circumstances haven't changed, however the doors that I didn't even realize were closed are opening for me. I am excitied for tomorrow for the first time in a long time. The Skeptic, no more!" L.G.

"I signed up for Level 1 out of curiousity and stayed for Level 2! The course was awesome. It was so much more than just crystal bowls. I learned so much about myself, I'm so glad I stayed" "" A.J.